Hello there! We go by a bunch of names, so feel free to look around and choose some that you'd like to call us. We're a subsystem of 2 in a very, very large polyfragmented system. Before becoming a subsystem, we were an integrated alter, who also went by Arch. Prior to that, we were a different integrated alter, who went by Asmodai. Asmodai was made up of Devon and Akira. We had to integrate to even each other out, but Devon's influence got sent throughout the system, and Akira's personality was overpowering Asmodai a lot, so we had integrated with a headmate named Lore to become Arch (the original). After the integration, Arch realized that a lot of Asmodai and his problems were because of Akira's influence. With the help of the gatekeepers in the main system, we managed to pull Akira a bit away from us, and ended up being a system of Arch (the combination of 2/3rds of Arch and half of Asmodai) and Axiom (wholly Akira, half of Asmodai, and 1/3rd of Arch). Anyway, we have no idea how many times that means we've integrated, but that's that!

Aside from the system affairs, we're an artist! We have a webcomic we're developing with another headmate, which you can see some art of on our tumblr tag for it! We're also very passionate about making other original characters and developing self inserts for ourselves and our headmates.

Currently, we're really into Deep Space Nine (and have a very unhealthy crush on Garak. And Weyoun. And-). Arch has had a lifelong obsession about Pokemon and is very dedicated to xyr Trading Card Game collection.