uh, hi, i'm axiom or akira, whichever you like better. i'm the reason why arch is like... that. i don't think i age, but i'm around 18 if i have to assign a number to it. i had integrated with devon to try to help their daddy issues but then i made them ✨worse✨ so i'm subjected to sub-alter status now.

i'm a fictive of kunimi akira from haikyuu but i feel... pretty disconnected from my source these days? which isn't really all that surprising given, well, everything. through the power of multiverse, or whatever, i'm still dating the guy i was back in my original universe. i also keep up with some other people from my old home, but kinda sparingly these days.

stupid fictive stuff aside... i'm somewhere "man-aligned" but in a "boytoy" kind of way, i think. i don't really like being gendered unless it's a joke or for... 18+ reasons. i don't think arch wants this site marked as nsfw, so that's all i got, lol.

in the main system, i'm a host, persecutor, and protector. i don't think arch and i care enough to mark our own roles in our subsystem.