Hi and welcome to belfagel dot net dot org dot com! We're two emo idiots trying to have a webpage for reasons we're not really sure of anymore, haha. The idea for the site is that it'll be cut somewhere down the middle of the two of us, giving us each a place to be ourselves while still... the two of us! We're not really sure what all to add to the site for now, but feel free to poke around and find out what we have at the moment! For instance, we probably have an about page, right?

Updates and/or News

03JUN23 :: Updated my (Arch) page so it's at least. Somewhat finished, lol. Also fancied up the footer a bit! :3

25MAY23 :: joined the self-insert webring with the kai winn ear touched weyoun bc that scene lives in my head rent free. also starting to work on our personal about pages

24MAY23 :: On GOD we're making a website! Had this url since our last integration ehe... Oh how time passes or something